Listed below are the Town of Fifield ordinances and resolutions. To view each one, click on the link. If there are no links shown, then there are no active documents at this time. Please check back.

Fire Department By Laws - 2-15-2022.docx

Fire Dept Policy & Procedures 6-22-23.pdf

Ordinance 101 - Election Shifts Revised 6-2022.docx

Ordinance 101 - Election Workers Revised 2-2020.pdf

Ordinance 102- Transfer Site - 7-2021.docx

Ordinance 104 - Fire Prevention - 2-15-2022.docx

Ordinance 28 - Water Traffic PL Chain.pdf

Ordinance 99 - Rev. Boating 8-15-23.pdf

Resoluction 2021-5 Abandon Entire Dam Filet Road.docx

Resolution 2021-01 Easement Bay Road.docx

Resolution 2021-3 Dam Rd - Eckes Easement - 9-2021.docx

Resolution 2021-4 Municipal Wards.docx

Resolution 2022-01 school property sale.docx